Year 12 Painting: Adele Hanmer

These two painted panels by senior Strathmore Secondary College student Adele Hanmer titled Rhythm, is being developed using a range of mixed media. The title reflects Adele’s passion for music and some areas of the painting were made while listening to music.

Some of her developmental and trial explorations will be included soon, as will photographs of the completed works. It is interesting to see this painting during the process stage with Adele actually working unposed on the painting.

A range of application methods can be observed in the close up views of the larger works.

The arrows to the left and right of the large images can be used to move back and forward. Alternatively you can use the smaller images to move more quickly to left or right. The images may take a minute to download.

If you have works you think would be of interest to other students please make contact (details can be found under Contact Max in the side menu, or by leaving a message in the box provided below.

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