Whales: A Political Plea

This file is a reproduction of a political plea I sent via email to my many contacts during 2008. It is about

Conservationof the Natural Environment, something for which Art teachers and Art students have a responsibility.

Hi all,

This message is from me, Max…not one of those chain letters that ask you to send them on to 20 people to receive some kind of unimagineable reward in the next 2 days!!!!

I don’t usually get involved in political action and seldom talk about what I think.

This is different and, apart from my Worldwide Art Education Consultancy and teacher support work, I’ve made it my 2008 focus.

The Japanese slaughter thousands of Whales each year under the lies of ‘Scientific Research’. While I don’t think Whales are any more important than other animals, I was fortunate to meet and speak with Scientist/Conservationist/Filmmaker, David Attenborough at an Ethics and Morals, Symposium when I was in the United Kingdom last year and he influenced me enormously. His knowledge of Australia and the Whales along the coast was enormous.




Whale and calf off the Australian coast at Warrnambool, Victoria




Whales are extremely strong family creatures. I’ve seen them with their young off the beach at Warrnambool (see photos above and below) and along the Queensland coast. They work together in full co-operation and harmony.

Attenborough stressed the extreme pain and agony they experience when killed by harpoon (he wasn’t saying there are better ways!). In Whale terms, they literally ‘scream’ in pain when hit in the back with that powered harpoon, and die slowly.

Many of the whales taken by the Japanese are ones that we see along the coast…sometimes only days after being admired by us…and despite what they say, the whalers take whales that are already protected.

I object to this strongly.




Watching whales off the coast at Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia,




If you have any feelings at all about the plight of whales and want to do more than sit on your bums and say how terrible it is, I implore you to write to your Japanese Embassy and protest about this practice. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you need to write to the Embassies of countries there who slaughter whales. You could also join an organisation like Greenpeace and write to it of your support.


I have doubts about threatening not to buy anything Japanese, since if I was to take that action to its logical extension, for various reasons I couldn’t buy anything made anywhere, including Australia! All countries are guilty of some form of malpractice, often against humans as well as animals. We have an obligation to protest against any form of malpractice we see.


I will send my message only once to everyone I know personally, although that will take time. That means I will contact well over 300 people. How many do you know?


I hope you can write one letter at least to the Japanese Embassy. Of course, the Japanese are not the only ones who slaughter whales.


I intend doing so often.

I hope 2008 is great for all of you.

Cheers and love, where appropriate!

Dr. Max Darby.



YouTube site to check




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2 Responses to “Whales: A Political Plea”

  1. barbara says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I’ve taken action and written already. Barbara.

  2. max says:

    Although this file relates back to 2008, it is still a major focus of mine and will stay that way. Cheers Max

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