Water Lillies

These photographs were taken by Max Darby at Tarra Warra Winery and Gallery in April 2013



The topic of Water Lillies could provide an interesting motivation  for 2-dimensional art works including prints, drawings, paintings and photography. The reflections of light add to the beautiful shapes and forms of the leaves and flowers. Coloured pastels would be a most appropriate medium to interpret the topic.


Reference can be made to other artists who used 2D forms to interpret similar topics. Monet in particular would provide marvelous insights that students of all levels can appreciate. The pastel works of Degas too could be introduced, as well as work of local artists.


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One Response to “Water Lillies”

  1. Becky Guinn says:

    Terrific unit ideas and great photographic resources. Your generous spirit is appreciated. Thanks! I will share your site with colleagues at the Alabama fall conference for Art Educators.


    I’m glad you like it. There are many more photographic motivational galleries included. I’m about to add a new one on Tall Ships – about 10 just sailed into Melbourne. Great for drawing projects. Cheers Max

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