Skies -Venice (sunset)

This series of photographs of a spectacular Venice sunset were taken by Max Darby


This series of photographs were all taken on the one day as I sailed out of Venice on the 12th August 2011.


The clouds built quickly during late afternoon and were photographed as the ship sailed away from Venice.

It is interesting to observe the variations between the different photographs.


The images may take a minute to fully download.


Click onto the arrows to left and right to progress or return through the images



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2 Responses to “Skies -Venice (sunset)”

  1. Max Darby says:

    I’m glad you like them Sue. They’re intended to provide inspiration for students to make their own studies of skies and sunsets. There are also two files on skies immediately before this file that are worth looking at…one on European skies and one on Australian skies.
    Cheers and thanks, Max

  2. Susan Maygar says:

    Max I can see why you are so enthusiasic about this set of images. The colours in the sunsets are stunning. I have often seen these colours travelling up the Hume high way in Autume and Spring. The reflections on the water giving depth and stenth to the images. Many of the cloud pictures are also very dynamic.

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