The works below, titled Viachroma,  were created by successful, exhibiting Melbourne-based artist Rowena Martinich for the linking space above the platforms at the new Dandenong Station in outer Melbourne. In the brochure of the project they were described by Clare Anna Watson as a ‘translucent painted tunnel’. For me, they create a kind of atmospheric Gothic Cathedral-like quality of light and colour that magically evoke changing instances of mood and emotion. Being placed in such a public location exposes thousands of travellers daily to an exciting blaze of colours, forms and linear work. Their daily travel begins and ends colourfully. A traditionally boring place is given life.

In the past, Rowena created numerous works using transparet and flourescent paints on rolls of plastic sheeting. Many of them were presented as large sculptural forms using similar techniques but adding a three-dimensional characteristic. The plastic sheeting was strectched over large wooden frames and these were built or stacked into large installations of colour. Enormous interest was provided due to the angular forms of the wooden frames combined with the dramatic colours on the plastic sheeting. Multiple layers of shapes and colours were created because of the transparent nature of the paintings.

Another of Rowena’s exhibitions, titled Common Gesture: Subdivision, can be found on this website.

Should you wish to use Rowena as an artist please contact me (see Contact Max in main menu), or directly on on 0415070591 or via email on

Rowena’s website is well worth a visit to see some of her other exciting works…

The images take a minute to download. By clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the main image you can progress or return through the exhibition.

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