Throwing a clay pot on a wheel.

Throwing a clay pot

The link below takes you to a demonstration of how to throw a clay pot on a wheel. Simply click your mouse onto any part of the link. And, don’t forget to enlarge to full screen format (click at bottom right hand side of video box).

It is designed and demonstrated for those with little or no pottery experience by Narelle Baker, a highly successful and motivating Australian Art Teacher.

As with most web videos, I find it best to open and leave to download before watching them. Otherwise, they usually stop and start every few seconds as the downloading proceeds. This may take a minute or two.

If you have or know of other good You Tube art process-related videos, please let me know in the response space at the bottom of this page and I will try to include them.

Don’t forget to click on the’Fullscreen’ button at the bottom right corner of the box to enlarge the picture.