The Reefs of Maui Bay, Fiji

These photographs below were taken by Max Darby in April, 2014


Much of Fiji is surrounded by reefs that help to protect the shoreline and beaches. This series of photographs in the gallery below shows the full horizon from right to left at Maui Bay, located between the 2 cities of Suva and Nadi. They provide visual stimuli for students wanting to depict reefs and coastal Pacific locations. They also show the calm lagoon between the reef and the beach. My Year 11 students at International School of Nadi are this year undertaking a Semester Study titled ‘My Place’ and such photographs may be useful for many of those students. ‘My Place’ is interpreted as Fiji and its location in the Pacific Ocean.


According to Fijian legend, the great chief Lutunasobasoba led his people across the seas to the newly-discovered islands of Fiji. Most authorities  agree that people came into the Pacific from Southeast Asia via the Malay Peninsula. Here the Melanesians and Polynesians mixed to create a highly developed society long before the arrival of Europeans (WWW. About Fiji – History Fiji High Commission London).


It is interesting to observe that the first Europeans credited with visiting Fiji were Dutchman Abel Tasman  in 1643, followed by Captain James Cook in 1774. Cook was severely hindered in trying to land on the Fijian coastline by the reef which posed enormous danger to his ship, and also by the hostile locals who met him in canoes (wall information, in Suva Museum). However, much of the credit for the discovery and recording of the Fiji Islands went to Captain William Bligh, who sailed through Fiji in 1789 after the mutiny on the Bounty, a British Royal Navy ship. Part of the rudder of the Bounty, which was deliberately burned and sunk off the coast of Pitcairn Island so that the mutineers could avoid being located, is now housed in the museum in Suva. 


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  1. Lionel says:

    Wow this is awesome and I love it. Can you surf there or does the reef cut off the waves? Keep on blogging mate. Lionel.

    The reef cuts off the best surf but you can get out over it..and it’s often bigger than Bell’s Cheers Max

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