The Hindenburg paintings: Year 9

These paintings of the Hindenburg disaster were painted by Year 9 students at International School of Nadi in 2014



The Year 9 students at International School of Nadi (ISN) were given the challenge of researching the Hindenburg disaster and then interpreting it in a quick expressive form. Live film of the event taken as it happened was viewed. The works were created using acrylic paint on paper.  



Despite some issues with photographing the works the expressive intent is obvious. The project included researching the history of the occasion, the world political situation as it took pale just before World War 2 and the expressive styles of artists. 



This topic followed an earlier challenge to the same students to interpret the sinking of the liner the Titanic which hopefully will also be added to this website shortly. 



The images will appear when all have been fully downloaded

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