The Colours of Australia

These paintings were completed by Max Darby in 2012

The Colours of Australia, found below this text, have a unique mix of influences. These include:

1.  The Abstract Expessonist works of Jackson Pollock – especially his Blue Poles in the N.G.A Canberra.

2.  The dot paintings of Aboriginal artists, especially those from Utopia located on Delmore Downs Station (the Pwerle sisters, for example).

3.  The popular series of 9″ X 5″ impressionist paintings by early Australian artists made on cigar box lids (hence the specific dimensions of many of the works).

4.  Views from my many flghts over the Australian land as I travel to Asia or the UK for work.


The paintings are ‘very quick expressions’ of the nature of the countryside. They express the feel and spirit of the land, as seen from above. In this they are as real to me as any other expressions might be.

This series of paintings were given as gifts to my many International Colleagues with whom I work in Cardiff Wales. It seemed a better way to ‘show them’ what the country looked like rather than try to find words.

There are views of wet and dried lake beds, and rivers, broken bush pathways and roads, dust, trees, rocks, sand and areas of vegetation. The colours used are the colours you can see. What you can find? All works were made in Acrylic paint on canvas. This exhibition can be cross-referenced to the Wanganui Park S.C. Artist in Residence works found elsewhere on this website.



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4 Responses to “The Colours of Australia: Max Darby”

  1. izmir otel says:

    I enjoyed the Australia paintings thanks

  2. max says:

    You can cut them out of mounting card or even canvas, as I do when working with kids. If you do that it’s a good idea to cut them a little larger to make mounting easier (maybe 1mm all round). You can look up the 9″ x 5″ exhibition on the web…go to Australian Impressionism 9″ X 5″ Exhibition…or Streeton 9″ X 5″ Exhibition, Melbourne…or 9″ X 5″ Exhibition, Melbourne. Any of those will get you in.

  3. max says:

    Give me a clue ‘Guess Whoo’. Which one did you get? Ha and whoo whoo Max..


  4. Guess whoo says:

    Great Max. I have one and love my version, it’s up above – have it up in the classroom. Even tried the cigar box thing with some of my students. They’re not that easy to find any more though, usually in cardboard boxes or plastic now! Not the same and had some boards made up. Pass it on. ‘Best’ for now ‘Guess whoooooo?’

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