The Beauty of the Bow Waves of a Ship

This photos in this file were taken by Max Darby in August, 2011 in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast from Santorini.

The beauty created when the bow of a ship and deep water interacts can be photographed for its own attractiveness. It can also provide direct inspiration for drawings, paintings and prints. There are some amazing variations in colour tones, shapes and action movement that can be found in the following sequence of photographs, each taken at an interval of about 5 seconds.

Some examples of artworks that have been created based on these photographs will be provided here in this file in the near future. Hopefully, they will show a sensitive manipulation of coloured pencils, or brushwork with paint – watercolour, oil or acrylic can produce a range of colours and tones that represent what the photos have shown. Art works would be impressive regardless of size, from small to very large.


Use the arrows to left and right of the main images to progress or return through the collection of photographs.

Each large image can be further enlarged by clicking on the icon that appears in the middle of the main image.

If you have ideas such as this that you would like to share with other art educators, or further examples of water studies, please send me copies and I can include here or even make a new exhibition of your photographs.


The images may take a minute to fully download.


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2 Responses to “The Beauty of the Bow Waves of a Ship”

  1. Viola says:

    These are very interesting photo images that most people wold never think of as inspirations for Art. Thanks.

  2. Such a simple thing but there is great beauty in how you’ve shown it. Thanks.

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