Studio Worksheet


Studio Worksheet



This worksheet is designed to assist you to keep a record of the different studio works you make. The Worksheet can be located in your Workbook or Visual Diary.



Kind or type of artwork (e.g. a painting, mural, lino print, charcoal drawing, etc)



Commencement Date (Day, Date, Month, Year)



Completion Date (Day, Date, month, Year)



Brief outline of the idea (landscape to show seasons, angry people, etc)



Materials or media to be used (e.g. linoleum, canvas, ceramic tiles)



Special skills and techniques to be used (e.g. carving with gouges, slumping of glass, hand embroidery with threads, finger painting etc)



Artistic problems or challenges faced in producing the work (e.g. mixing colours accurately, design and composition, creating distance, etc)



How problems were solved or challenges were met



Own evaluation of the degree of success of the work



Teacher’s evaluation of the success of the work – if appropriate (e.g. written or expressed comment, mark, etc)