Street Art Class Discussion Questions

These questions were devised by Max Darby in Jan. 2011



Some initial questions that could be used to introduce the topic of Street Art or to direct research include:



1. What is meant by the term Street Art?

2. What different kinds of Street Art can be seen?

3. What is the history of Street Art?

4. Who makes Street Art?


5. Who are some major Street Artists in Australia?


6. Who are some major Street Artists overseas?


7. Where can information about Street Art and Artists be found?

8. What is the difference between legal and illegal Street Art?

9. Is there such a thing as good and poor Street Art? Who decides?

10. What things determine quality in Street Artworks? Who decides?

11. Is there a Street Art ‘Style?’


12. Do individual Street Artists change their own style?

13. Does it remain Street Art if it’s taken off the streets to be sold or exhibited?

14.  Is there a place for Street Art style in public Art Galleries?

15. Is Street Art made to last or is it temporary?

16. Is it right for a street artist to make a work over the top of another Street Artwork?

17. Is it possible for a street artist to claim ownership and copyright of Street Art?



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