Street Art Analysis Worksheet


Street Art Analysis Worksheet

This worksheet was prepared in January 2011 by Max Darby



Step 1.


Make a simple list of everything you can see in this Street Artwork.



Step 2.


Analyze how you think this Street Artwork has been designed (that is, how it has been arranged and the planned use of such things as colours, lines, shapes, pattern, balance, repetition etc.).



Step 3.


Describe the skills and techniques you think might have been used when painting the Street Artwork?



Step 4.


Describe what materials, tools and equipment might have been used in making this Street Artwork.



Step 5.


What do you think were the intentions of the artist in making the Street Artwork (can you find any possible meanings or messages?).



Step 6.


What do you think is good or bad about this Street Artwork?




Step 7.


What do you like or dislike about this Street Artwork?


Street Artwork No. 1.

Foundry Lane, Abbotsford, Melbourne




What clues tell you that this work was legally made?