Street Art Judgement Worksheet

Street Art Judgement Worksheet.

This worksheet was devised in January, 2011 by Max Darby



Spend some time looking closely at the following 4 Street Artworks.


Allocate a mark out of 5 to each work for the following listed artistic qualities (5 marks being for best quality and 1 being for poorest quality).


Add up your marks to see which you judged highest and by how much (there is no right or wrong judgment – this is your alone decision to make.


Share your judgments with other students.




*  A serious and considered approach (5,4,3,2 or 1).


*  Use of design (eg. colours, lines, shapes etc. (5,4,3,2, or 1).


*  Effectiveness of overall composition and how it goes together (5,4,3,2, or 1)


*  Painting skills and techniques exhibited (5,4,3,2, or 1).


*  Use of materials and equipment (5,4,3,2, or 1).


*  Intentions or possible meanings and messages (5,4,3,2, or 1).


*  Overall visual impact to the viewer (5,4,3,2, or 1).









Street Artwork 1.

Highett, Melbourne. Near the RSL Club.

Street Artwork 2.

Highett, Melbourne. Opposite Southland Shopping centre.

Street Artwork 3.

Highett, Melbourne. Near the Railway Station.

Street Artwork 4.

Highett, Melbourne. Opposite Southland Shopping Centre.

Which of these four Street Artworks do you think were legal and illegal, and why?