Paper Sculptures

The following works (created by Year 9 students of Strathmore Secondary College) were based on the challenge of using paper as a construction medium but without the usual methods of joining – glue, staples, blue tack  and sticky tape.

All joints were naturally constructed using slots, folds, interlocking or balancing. The artistic effects are created using a variety relationships between forms, shapes, angles and simulated textures created with folds. cuts etc.

The variations in artistic qualities created and the interesting construction methods employed provides its own artistic validation.

If you have excellent examples of student work that you’d like to have included on this website, or as an exhibition, please contact me via email on or leave a message below the images in the space provided.

The images may take a minute to download.

Click of the arrows to left and right of the main images to progress through the collection or to return to earlier images.


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2 Responses to “Paper Sculptures (Year 9). Strathmore S.C.”

  1. max says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed these paper works. A real design problem solved in different ways. Cheers Max

  2. Everybody want to take the classics and make a buck. It is called debasing our cultural heritage. I loved these paper works though. Thanks

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