Step Wells of Gujarat (India)

Made by Kakoli Sen, a close friend of mine and an outstanding Art Teacher.


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Step Wells, are relics of past days, often overlooked and receiving little formal support. Those that have been restored and protected have usually been managed by small local communities. Yet, these Step Wells are glorious monuments to a rich and important Indian Culture and History.

The Step Wells were often covered with magnificent and ornamental full-sized sculptured forms of animals, Gods and Goddesses, relief panels and scroll motifs, and Geometric and floral patterns and designs. These works were far more than decorative and often the Step Wells were associated with a nearby Hindu Temple.

The first Step wells began appearing during the 6th Century AD. They provided water essential to farming and to survival as well as a social space where people could meet in the cool of Summer. The demise of the Step Wells began with the arrival of the British who instead introduced channels, pipes and taps.


These Step Wells are too important  and beautiful not to be restored or to be classified as Historical sites of great importance and value




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