Stencil Wall Art

This work was produced by students of Gill Mercer in Beijing, China



The gallery of completed stencil artworks can be found below the written text.  The photos take a few seconds to download.

Grade 10 students at Beijing BISS International School are studying Visual Arts in the IB (International Baccalaureate)  MYP (Middle Years Program). This program expects students to develop knowledge and understanding about the Art forms studied and be able to investigate and write about Art using appropriate terminology related to the Art Elements and the Principles of Art.


These students studied different forms of “Wall Art” throughout the ages, to find out how and why humans expressed themselves in this way. This included aspects of Prehistoric cave art, Roman mosaics, Italian Frescoes, Mexican Revolutionary Murals and the stencil art of Banksy and others.


For their own artwork, they were asked to investigate a social, political, personal or environmental issue that they were strongly concerned about and they would like to make a statement to make people more aware.


Brainstorming was done in words, then in images and then they put their ideas together into a composition. They then had to transfer their drawings into a stencil format using as many layers of stencil that was necessary to convey the image.


The students had to make their own “wall” out of board and paint the wall texture, as they were not allowed to paint a real wall in the school. They also had to use acrylic rather than spray paint, as the only spray paints available in China are extremely toxic.


The students also were asked to reflect on the process and evaluate the final artwork in terms of the impact it had on the viewers.

These works can be cross-referenced to the file on street artist Banksy found under Exhibitions in the Main Menu on the Home Page.

You can leave a comment in the space provided below and/or offer to contribute examples of your own student works on any theme.



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