Sleeping Giant: Fiji

These photographs were take by Max Darby in April 2014


While this file may be of interest to other people, it is primarily intended for Dr Max Darby’s Year Art 10 class at International School of Nadi, Fiji. Those students are currently undertaking a major task of interpreting one of the major landmarks of the city – the mountain range that forms a backdrop to the city on 3 sides. Known simply as Sleeping Giant because one section of the skyline appears like a man lying on his back, the form of the mountain is recognized by everyone who lives in Nadi. Examples of student works from this topic will be included when completed.


While the Year 10 class can make some decisions themselves, the requirements for the painting undertaken include sky, mountain range and a foreground that is recognizable from Nadi including, for example, their school, housing, city, beach or sugar cane crops. Skills introduced include colour selection, colour mixing and expressive techniques and personal style. Students will need to undertake relevant research and investigation that will demonstrate the develop of knowledge and understanding about Fiji, its characteristics, its culture and history.


Students are encouraged to use photographs of the mountains they take themselves.



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