Self Portrait Dolls

These works were completed by students of Glenda Surtardy under the heading of Who we are in time and space.


The Grade 4 PYP students of Bandung International School in Indonesia made these calico dolls that were three dimensional self portraits of themselves after looking at 1960’s Patty Playpen dolls. They traced themselves from projected photographs onto calico. The teacher painted the faces with each student and then they used thread and watercolour pencils to colour their dolls before stitching them. The students were investigating context and, after class discussions, we decided to make portraits of how they looked on a normal day.


The idea is that in 10 years time they can look back and remember themselves as Grade 4 students. An emphasis was made on workmanship and the importance of taking care and thinking critically.



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  1. These are wonderful. Thanks

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