Seaside Bathing Boxes

The following seaside bathing boxes were photographed by Max Darby at beaches near Melbourne.

Bathing boxes like these provide numerous ideas for classroom activities –  for whole classes or individual students. Interesting pattens and design features can be seen when a number of  boxes are  located in a small area. Student works might be centred on paintings, drawings, prints and/or sculptural and ceramic forms.



Like other photo files on this site, this file shows some of the interesting artistic arrangements and forms that can be found in the everyday environment. Students might also record their own photographic interpretations of similar topics.


Here’s an idea – how about making each of the cubicles of the student toilets appear like bathing boxes. Just small construction is needed. Allow students to design and paint them in bright colours. This might be a good way to discouraged ugly graffiti.

If you see similar bathing boxes they can be included on this site of you send photos to me via the contact details found under Contact Max (found in the side menu).

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