Sand Castles

These sand castles are presented annually at Frankston Waterfront by Sand Sculpting Australia and are supported by Frankston City Council and sponsored by Abi Group.



Information about sand castles and ideas for students have been included under the images below.


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Steps of making the Frankston Sand Sculptures (supplied by Sand Castles Australia)


‘Brickies loam’ is brought onto the site by the truckload and moved around to where it is needed by a telescopic handler and a front end loader.

Each sculpture, or pile, requires layers of formwork to achieve a general shape. These forms are made to measure on site.

The base of the sculpture is made, then the forms are filled, layer by layer, with sand and water, and compacted until very hard.

Once the required height and shape is achieved, the top layer of form is removed and carving begins.

The sculpture is carved from top to bottom, a layer at a time. Once complete it is sprayed with a biodegradable sealant to help repel moisture.

Although the sculptures are strong, they need some maintenance through the event period. This is done daily by the resident sculptor.



Student activities are to be provided.



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2 Responses to “Sand Castles”

  1. max says:

    The sculptures are on show for about 3 months over the Summer period on the foreshore just past the main shopping centre in Frankston. They’re well worth a visit each year. Cheers Max

  2. Susan Maygar says:

    Sand as a media is not utilized very often, These examples with the theme of Creepy Crawlies are really wonderful and will appeal to students of all ages. Many of the approaches will be of interest to my Year 9 students for Fantasy Art. For both Year 7s and my Ceramic groups I am sure they will be fascinated by the shapes and the technical skills of the Sculptors involved. I would also like to see these sculptures at some stage.

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