CD Wall Mural: Reservoir West Primary School





CD Mural: Reservoir West P.S.

This project was undertaken by Max Darby in Term 1 2012.

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This project was inspired by work made by students of St. Clement of Rome Primary School, Bulleen, and used on the cover of the Zart Art 2012 Catalogue. That idea has been extended and broadened and has now been fully installed. 


The project involved the development of a large painted mural of a forest of trees. The leaves, flowers and blossoms were painted by students onto 4 different sized circular discs. The discs recede in diameter from 260mm diameter down to 120mm (CD discs were used for the small size, while wooden discs used inside boxes that hold Cheese Cakes were used for the larger discs). About 1400 circular discs were painted from which the final selections were made. The colours used for the leaves in the forest were in the range of a prism. Simple designs were painted onto each disc, as can be seen in the gallery above.


Vipond paints were used because of they are light fast and waterproof.


The work was installed at the end of Term 1, 2012.