CD Mural: Reservoir West P.S.

This project was undertaken by Max Darby in Term 1 2012.

 Details of this project can be found below the gallery images.



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This project was inspired by work made by students of St. Clement of Rome Primary School, Bulleen, and used on the cover of the Zart Art 2012 Catalogue. That idea has been extended and broadened and has now been fully installed. 


The project involved the development of a large painted mural of a forest of trees. The leaves, flowers and blossoms were painted by students onto 4 different sized circular discs. The discs recede in diameter from 260mm diameter down to 120mm (CD discs were used for the small size, while wooden discs used inside boxes that hold Cheese Cakes were used for the larger discs). About 1400 circular discs were painted from which the final selections were made. The colours used for the leaves in the forest were in the range of a prism. Simple designs were painted onto each disc, as can be seen in the gallery above.


Vipond paints were used because of they are light fast and waterproof.


The work was installed at the end of Term 1, 2012.








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19 Responses to “CD Wall Mural: Reservoir West Primary School”

  1. max says:

    Hi Kim. I’m happy to help with ideas, information and how to approach it. Why not email me and I can give you far more.
    I’m already doing some new CD murals this year including one entirely in tones of pinks…Deep moody pinks to light fluffy pinks. And, it will relate to the Japanese language program in the school. My email address is on my website so it’s not overly private – Talk soon. Cheers and thanks Max

  2. kim says:

    Hi Max…fantastic! ! I am thinking of doing one at my school in perth. Any chance of done tips? ? Many thanks 🙂 kim

  3. Hello, I mentioned your lovely CD mural at Reservoir Wst PS on my blog post about painting CDs in the lead up to creating our very own CD tree mural at Cambridge PS. Thanks for your inspiration,
    Shelley Menhennet

    I will be interested to see how ti all goes. Well done Shelley. Max

  4. rajan mayar says:

    Wow a wonderful work…keep it up

  5. rajan mayar says:

    Great as I’ve already said but so are more of your articles – inspiring stuff and thanks

  6. Claudia Amaya says:

    This is also great Max!

    Yes, it is also great and very different to the one at Holy Family School (also on this website).

  7. max says:

    You can always come on down and I can show you the murals (there are more) and everything else about what happnes down here!!! Thanks for the lovely comments Becky

  8. Becky Guinn says:

    The murals are pure “eye candy” for the viewer! You have touched on every principle and element of art I can think of with this collaboration. The interaction with students in it’s creation plus the engaging of every person that sees it makes this a consummate work in my book. How I wish I could see it in person! Congratulations!

  9. Karen Buchanan says:

    Hi Max,
    I love these CD murals, they are just beautiful. Would you mind sending me the info that you sent Ingrid please? Much appreciated, Karen

  10. max says:

    I’m happy you like it and want to do one yourself. I’ve emailed you some information. How about sending me some photos once it’s completed and I can put your project onto my wesbite too. Check out the examples done at Ceduna Area School in South Australia and at Greensborough Primary School, also on this website. Cheers Max

  11. Ingrid Reed says:

    Hi Max .Been looking at your website since doing a PD with you in March at Zart. Would like to undertake a mural using cds at Holy Family Primary in Geelong where I teach Art. Would like to start in Term 2 if possible. Would like some info on which side to paint cd’s if it matters. Also some other info on putting it together.
    Looking foward to hearing from you’
    Regards Ingrid.

  12. Ingrid Reed says:

    Hi Max Ive been looking at your website since doing a PD with you at Zart in March. I love this mural and am interested in starting thisat our school in term 2. I,m at Holy Family Primary school in Geelong. I need some advice on which side of the discs you paint if it matters and some ideas on approaching the whole project if possible. Look foward to hearing from you.
    Regards Ingrid

  13. max says:

    Wow, this work has led on to another 2 CD Murals (found here on my wesbite…one under Artist in Residences and the other under Art by Students) – all different of course. Thanks again to the art teacher at Saint Clement of Rome Primary School,Bulleen who initially inspired me. Max

  14. max says:

    Thanks for your online comment Rasa. I agree, it really is a delight. It was fun to design and watch the students create the mural. Only 350 more discs to go up. There are lots of other interesting sites to explore too when you have time. Cheers Max

  15. Rasa Dover says:

    That work is truly awe inspiring Max, such a delight of alive and joyous colors!
    So much beauty interwoven into one collectively worked apon piece of art that will inspired and enlighten for years to come. I really love it. What is that saying….. ” A thing of beauty is a joy to behold” Wow! Thank you for sharing the site with me.
    Lucky kids at Reservoir West Primary. Always sincerely. Rasa

  16. max says:

    I’m glad you like it Joel. The colours fit just as you say in a Seasonal scale…or prism-like. Cheers Max

  17. Joel McGlynn says:

    Love this Max. It seems to take us from Spring into Autumn – great work in progress!

  18. max says:

    I’m glad you like it. It has been a very time-consuming task. Cheers Max

  19. Susan Maygar says:

    Max this project has come up so well. The combination of colour and size is truly wonderful. A really lovely and joyous work for a Primary School

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