Rainforests: Caulfield Grammar School. Grade 3.




Rainforests: Caulfield Grammar School Grade 3

This work was produced in 2012 by Grade 3 students of the Wheelers Hill Campus under the guidance of Max Darby



Details of this Rainforest project can be found beneath the galleries below.


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The Grade 3 students of  art teacher Anna Malin of Caulfield Grammar School, Wheelers Hill Campus were introduced to the idea of Rainforests, focusing on their structure, the kind of plants that would reside there and the nature of varying qualities of light. They were shown how to use coloured inks and fabric dyes on paper to create leaves and flowers based on rainforest vegetation.


Each student produced a number of leaves/flowers and these were cut out and attached to a 3 metre tall backboard. The backboard had been covered with fabric which was painted with inks and dyes onto a wet surface areas. This encouraged and allowed the bleeding and blending of the various shades of yellow, green and blues inks.


The students’ work was cut out and attached to form the tall, colourful, vertical rainforest.