Drawings Primary School

The works presented below were made under the guidance of Visual Arts teacher of Susan McDonald.


These oil pastel drawings were made by Year 4 students at Sacre Coeur Primary School and were part of a theme about Circus or Carnivals. Many of the works focused on Clowns and other works from this series made by different class levels can be found in the file titled Primary School Paintings. Students developed new skills and ideas through the P – 6 levels.


Ecah of the Performing Puppets were composed from numerous pieces of smaller paper pinned together to form the whole figure.


The images may take a minute to download.


Click on the arrows to left and right of the main image to move forward or back through the collection.

To enlarge each image click on the globe icon that appears when you hover the cursor over the centre of the image.

Permission to photograph these images was granted by Susan McDonald, teacher.




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  1. Strong work for young children. Thanks Arts Education Guru

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