Preparing a Resume

This file was prepared by Max Darby in May 2009


This file contains information about preparing a Resume of your past experience and knowledge.


Information that you include in a Resume or Curriculum Vitae needs to be appropriate for the job or position for which you are applying. It is a good practice to prepare a separate document for each new job although sometimes an existing document can be easily modified. It is important that the Resume or CV used appears to have been specifically prepared for each job or position rather than one that has been re-used a number of times. It is a good idea to keep your CV up to date with regular additions.


A Resume or Curriculum Vitae should not be long. It can primarily be presented in point form. In most cases it should be no longer than 3 x A4 pages.


Items of information that need to be included are


Date of Resume preparation


Full name


A small personal photograph (always a professional photograph)


Postal and work address

Telephone numbers (home and mobile)

Email address

Website (if you have one)

Qualifications, date of completion and Institution


Names and contact details of referees (usually 3 that preferably can comment on different areas of expertise and experience – include name and contact information, and a very brief outline of their position or how their knowledge of you relates to your application)


Current job or position (Title, Description and Responsibilities)


Past jobs or Positions held

A brief description of the various experiences you have had


A brief description of specialist knowledge you have developed


A list of associations or organizations to which you belong


A statement that you will verify any of the above should it be requested, and will provide any additional information required


Your signature and the date.







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