PLC Ceramic Dresses: Year 8

The ceramic dresses exhibited below were created by Year 8 students at Presbyterian Ladies College, Burwood, Melbourne, Australia.

Students were challenged to hand-make theire own intepretations of a formal dress. The clay was fired and then glazed.

Individual student names will be provided.

The arrows to the left and right of the main images can be used to go forward or back through the works.

The images may take a minute t download.

If you have works made by your own students that you would like to have on this website you can contact me directly (see side menu file titled Contact Max, or leave a comment in the box at the bottom of this page.


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2 Responses to “Ceramic Dresses: Year 8 P.L.C.”

  1. Susan Maygar says:

    My students refered to these wonderful dresses to inspire them to design bells in ceramics. The girls in my group loved the dresses ans most picked a faavourite. Manydesigns look very interesting. one student wants to make a ballerina who;s leg will drop down when the bell is rung. Thursday my students construct their bells. Thank you forthis outstanding starting point,

  2. Narelle says:

    These were awesome. My year 8 ceramics class enjoyed them and have been inspired to work extra hard on their Pixie Houses so we can exhibit them on your site also. 🙂

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