Moving Silk Sunsets

These photographs were taken by Max Darby in October 2014


The intention of this series of works created by senior art student Torika Watters was to create an abstract moving sunset effect which altered significantly over a short period of time – as do many sunsets. The works were spontaneous and were photographed quickly as changes to the arrangement occurred.  Five meter Lengths of silk in a range of beautiful colours were suspended from roof beams outside but undercover. The lengths of silk were randomly interlocked and overlapped in  kind of waterfall effect as they hung down. The lightly weighted silk was blown in different directions as small gusts of wind moved through the area. Although seemingly accidental that is far from the reality as the moving shapes were deliberately and thoughtfully planned. Over  a short period of time 50 photographs were taken of the moving sunset.




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2 Responses to “Moving Silk Sunsets”

  1. Jan Roker says:

    There is something truly exquisite about the flow and transparency of silk.

  2. Susan maygar says:

    A beautiful concept

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