Mentone Girls’ Grammar



Details and a description of this exciting project can be found  below the images on this page which may take half a minute to upload.


Mentone Girls’ Grammar School

This project involved working with 210 Primary-aged students.

The project aim was to create an outdoor mural on the topic of Worldwide Sustainability.

Following a short talk and introduction to the project and to the topic, each of the students made her own drawing to sort out initial ideas. From these explorations one large drawing was created using ideas that reflected the original ideas of the girls.

The location for the mural was the end wall of the Year 4 Centre which was a plain beige colour. The mural was to overlook an outdoor playing area and lunch area to which all girls had access. It was rather drab and uninteresting in appearance.

The process for making the mural involved each girl making her own A3 sized painting on prepared cement sheet using Vipond paints. These are acrylic, long lasting and weatherproof. Each class had two lessons of about 1 hour to complete their panels.

Girls who sat near each other in the class worked on connecting panels but once the links from one panel to the next were established, each student was free to address the sustainability theme in her own way within her own panel. This resulted in the over-all design being united but each of the small parts being unique and individual. A bright, sparkly effect was achieved in colour selection and in the use of lines, spaces and textures.

Everyone was delighted with what the girls’ achived in such a short time.

Large works, such as this mural, can provide your own students with exciting opportunities to work co-operatively together on common projects with all of the educational outcomes that such expereinces provide. They require levels of organisation and work practices that students and teachers can negotiate to gain the most benefits from working together.