CD Mural: Lumen Christi, Ballarat. 


This mural was undertaken by all students and some staff and parents of Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School in Delacombe, Ballarat, in Term 3, 2018. The background is a huge shipping container that had blue cement sheets attached.The patterns were individually designed and painted onto unwanted CDs. These were then glued onto a sky blue background using high strength Liquid Nails. 


The project has a ‘Recycling/Sustainability/Care for the Environment’ theme.  Unwanted CDs were donated to the school by the school community and about 1600 have been included. CDs were painted in flat bright colours using cotton buds to form the various patterns. These consisted mainly of dots and lines. Vipond acrylic paints were used because they are waterproof and light fast. Using cotton buds made organization easier as they could be discarded and brushes were not required to be washed between each class. Sheets of magazines were used as palettes to also help during cleanup. 


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