Job Application Checklist

Prepared by Max darby in May 2009



This file contains information about applying for a new job or position.



General questions



What kind of job or position interests you?



Where will you find new jobs or positions advertised?


Will you require a new Resume or CV?


Can you adapt an existing one?


What kind of information needs to be in your Resume (see separate checklist for Preparing a Resume)


Will you need to write a formal job application?


Who will you use as referees to address different areas of experience or expertise you possess?


When does the job application need to be prepared and sent?


What is the expected or appropriate way for the application to be sent or delivered?


Can you apply for the job online or by using an e-application?


Specific Questions


Have you kept a filed copy of the job advertisement?


What is it about the job advertisement that interests you?


Do you feel confident you can handle the job as advertised?


Have you requested a copy of the relevant Job Description from the advertising agent or employing body offering the job?


Have you carefully read the Job Description and listed the key points required and conditions offered (e.g. salary, working conditions, responsibilities, qualifications required)?



Have you checked the time frame for the appointment, e.g. application date and expected appointment notification date and/or the contracted time of the job?


Do you have a current Resume or CV?


Will your Resume or CV need to be updated or reorganized?


What are the specifications for the new job that you will need to be capable of undertaking?


Are there any specifications or expectations about the new job that you have doubts you can handle?


How can you improve your expertise in those areas that you feel are not your strengths?


Do you need to undertake new training or qualifications, or do you need to ‘brush up’ on things with which you’ve lost familiarity?


Are there particular things you need to address prior to applying (e.g. learn new skills or gain new experiences)?


How should you appropriately design and present your job application? For example, is visual layout and design important?


Are there peculiar qualities about the new job that demand any special way of presenting your job application?


Can you handle the printing and layout of your job application or do you need help to prepare it?


Have you determined how many copies of your job application are required?


Who can assist should you need help in preparing your job application?



Things that need to be included in a job application


1.  A short but concise introduction of yourself and an expression of interest in the job as advertised. This must be dated


2.  A single line statement that you believe you have the necessary experience, qualifications and attitudes, as expressed in the job advertisement and Job Description to successfully take up the job


3.  A copy of your recent and up to date Resume or Curriculum Vitae including a recent photograph


4.  An extended description and documentation of how you meet the various qualities and expectations outlined in the Job Description. Include any relevant experience


5.  A shorter description of additional experience and/or knowledge that you will bring to the job or position that you believe will be useful


6.  Additional experiences that are not directly related to the job but that demonstrate your greater all round capacity


7.  A paragraph that addresses the personal qualities that underpin your capacity to undertake the job, for example, punctuality, determination, perseverance,  IT literacy, effective communication skills, a capacity to work in a team or collegiate environment, a willingness to learn, an ability to act and think creatively and to solve problems or challenges that arise, a capacity to engage in research, locating and analysis of data, a strong work ethic, etc.


8.  A final statement outlining your willingness to clarify anything in your application, or to provide additional information as required.


9.  Your contact details for the coming period of time (this is important should you be going on holidays, for example, or not able to be ,located at your usual address)


10.  An expression of interest in anything that comes up in the future.




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One Response to “Job Application Checklist”

  1. Petra says:

    Hey Max, Recently I was talking to a former colleague who was on the interview panel at a rather exclusive Melb school and she noted that none of the teachers interviewed had their date of birth on their CVs. She defended that decision because the principals and panel members would easily be able to calculate their age if they have read the CVs thoroughly and taken into account their experience. Worth a thought…:)

    Yes, and age should not be a determiner of ability to take on any position….or I would NOT be working still! Cheers Max

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