The following people are some of my friends and work colleagues who have made my life amazingly rewarding. True friends and people I trust, professionally and personally. If you’re not here and think you should be, it’s only because I don’t have a good photo – please send me one.

The photos take a minute to download,

Click on the arrows to left and right of the main image to progress or return through the photographs.

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3 Responses to “Friends”

  1. What I realize is you’re so intelligent. You know your stuffs great. Thanks Julius!

    Thanks, Max

  2. max says:

    You’re a great friend who showed me all I know about Colombia and especially Bogota`. I will be back there next year if all goes well with IB Sth America! They’ve said they want me to come back if it can be organised.

  3. Claudia Amaya says:

    Thank you for counting me as one of your friends. Lovely photos.

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