CD Cover Artworks: Holy Family Primary School

These mosaics were photographed by Max Darby in August 2013


The Grade 5 and 6 students of Holy Family Catholic Primary School in North Geelong, under the guidance of art teacher Ingrid Reed, used their knowledge of design to invent their own unique arrangements using plastic shapes, forms and colours, coloured papers, mosaic pieces  coloured matchsticks and sequins.


Used CD covers were recycled to provide a protective support base for the following small mosaics. The covers also allow the works to be easily displayed since they stand without additional support.


Additional information will be included as needed.


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4 Responses to “CD Cover Artworks: Holy Family Primary. School.”

  1. web tasarım says:

    Hello there, You have carried out a fantastic job. We’ll certainly mark the item for our element suggest for you to my buddies. I know they will benefit from this great site.

  2. Becky Guinn says:

    The discs are like kaleidoscope images. When you installed them into a representational space, each disc “jazzed it up!”

  3. Becky Guinn says:

    Your background hue is perfect for the brilliant design discs. Not sure how, but there is something soothing and relaxing about the color harmonies while at the same time they are happy, engaging and full of energy. The students did a fabulous job, as did their teacher and you. Again, congratulations!
    Thanks Becky, I appreciate your comments and it’s so different to the one at Reservoir West Primary School. (found on the same site). Cheers Max

  4. Ingrid Reed says:

    Thanks Max I think they look great!

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