C.D. Mural: Greensborough P.S.



C.D. Mural: Greensborough P.S.

This mural was undertaken with the students of Janet Troy by Max Darby during November and December, 2012



This mural project is titled The Tree of Life and was constructed of many re-cycled computer discs. The works were installed on an exterior wall in the playground of Greensborough Primary School on 7th December, 2012. The student designs were painted onto the CDs on the school’s special `Arts Day` (29th November, 2012).


All of the CDs were painted by students Prep – Grade 6 prior to the day in warm background tones that are reminiscent of Australian Indigenous Art or the colours of Autumn- browns, yellows, oranges, reds and ochres. Onto these students painted their own rhythmic patterns many of which have been included in the two galleries  below.


Vipond paints were used because they are both light-fast and waterproof. The dots were carefully added using cotton buds and filter tips.


This gallery can be related to the murals completed at Reservoir West Primary School and Auburn Primary School which can found under Artist in Residences.



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