Grade 2 Drawings: Collins St. 5 pm Series.

These sketches were made by Grade 2 students under the guidance of art teacher Petra Glaser


This amazing series of drawings was made by Grade 2 students of Cranbourne-Carlisle Primary School in 2012. They were based on an iconic image painted by Melbourne artist John Brack, titled Collins St. 5 pm. (the most popular painting for students in the National Gallery of Victoria). The students who made the works learned at an early age about the importance of appropriation and acknowledgement of the work of other artists. They also developed an understanding for Art History and Criticism.


The 3 examples of the completed activity, which are the first 3 in this display, are combinations of the painted drawings of a number of individuals. Each of the 3 finished examples is the work of a different class.


More information and artworks will be added progressively.




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5 Responses to “Grade 2 Drawings: Collins St. Series”

  1. Petra says:

    Lovely to read, Shelby clan. I enjoyed every minute guiding this talented co-hort of students. Still can’t believe they are year 2!!

  2. maddy shelbys brother says:

    awesome!!! I could not even do as good as that. The work is wicked. All the kids are so awesome drawers. Also my little sis is so good at drawing now thanks to Miss Glaser.

  3. kirsten shelbys sister says:

    great work from all the kids awesome job to my little sis and great work from all the kids.
    regards kirsten

  4. max says:

    They’re great aren’t they? Max Darby

  5. kylie says:

    Well done to all the kids great work and a extra special well done, excellent work to my clever girl Shelby. Thank you Miss Glaser for allowing the kids to participate in this unique art.


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