Gallipoli: Completed Paintings

These paintings were completed by Year 6 students at Caulfield Grammar School.



 This file should be seen along with the other files on this website about the Caulfield Grammar School Artist in Residence project.

All finished works are made on sections of Pianola roll paper using acrylic paint.

Full details can be found below the images.



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This Artist in Residence project was undertaken with the two Grade 6 classes of Caulfield Grammar School, Glen Iris Campus, during Term 1 in 2012.


The theme is Gallipoli, a major World War 1 site for Australian and New Zealand troops. The works are student interpretations of the Turkish beaches, cliffs and landforms that formed the battle fields for the ANZACS who landed there in 1915. Each student undertook research into the Gallipoli campaign which they brought to class each day on their i-pads. The work will be presented as part of the school’s formal ANZAC Day memorial service.


The paintings have been completed using acrylic paint on sections of Pianola Rolls that were current songs and/or music from that era. The music video-taped from the rolls will be played during the display/exhibition of the works. Approximately 50 students will take part in the exhibition. Students will be provided with their own CD of the music and take away their own painting after the event.


This file shows the completed paintings while another file on this website shows the development of the works in progress. Many of the works were painted quite expressively showing confidence in the application of paint and the use of texture, line and variations of colour.


Pianola rolls formed, perhaps, the first major ‘computerized’ music available. A video of the rolls being fitted to the Pianola and being played will demonstrate the use of this musical instrument.

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8 Responses to “Gallipoli: Caulfield Grammar School (Completed Paintings).”

  1. Nydia says:

    This article is very interesting although it took me a long time to
    find it in Google.

  2. max says:

    Totally delighted and the big presentation and display at the ANZAC Day Service at school showed them off wonderfully. I’ll add some more photos soon…maybe a in a third gallery. Cheers Max

  3. Susan Maygar says:

    Hi Max,
    You are obviously delighted with the finished results. I have been very impressed with the students images as the project developed
    Having visited Gallipoli, so many of the paintings by this group of talented young artists bring back my images of this very beautiful area of Turkey.
    The pianola roles particularly the slits give a very dramatic overlay of both image and the an emotive reminder of the reason particularly this morning of why we as Australian’s have such strong associations to this place.
    I do not recall whether I told you that my children’s great, great Uncle was the last Australian Comanding Officer of the Gallipoli Peninsular.
    Congradulations to the students, their teacher and yourself for these wonderfull paintings which captures,the time, space and emotion a tragic event.

  4. max says:

    Hi Larry,

    I’m happy you like the work the students created about this important historical happening that affected Australia and New Zealand enormously. It’s long considered the event that united Australians and created much of our character despite being a military disaster. Maybe you should have mentioned that you were Principal of a very big and successful High School in Ventura, California. It’s been a long step from Fawkner H.S. for all of us. Cheers Max

  5. Larry Emrich says:

    Excellent work. I know your show will go well; wish I could be there to hear the music along with the exhibitions. Nicely done.
    (retired American teacher who taught at Fawkner High School with Max and Judy Darby.)

  6. max says:

    Dear Melinda,

    Thanks for your positive comments about the paintings. The school and the art teacher will be very happy to read what you’ve written.
    It has been a great experience working on the Gallipoli theme with the students…who were always wonderful to work with. Cheers Max

  7. Melinda Wallace says:

    Dear Caulfield Grammmar, I really enjoyed looking at your finished results. The Exhbition would be outstanding, especially with the multi-media approach. How fascinating are the pianola rolls! How did you acquire them? I also really admired your use of the features of the topography of Gallipoli Cove to feature in the paintings. The colour scheme is also really satisfying to admire. Very clever work.
    Kind regards
    Ms Melinda Wallace
    Indooroopilly State High

  8. max says:

    This project worked out as well as it could possibly have.
    We all gained an enormous amount from how is was handled and special thanks go to the students and their teacher Philippa. Max

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