Analysing Films




This worksheet assists you to analyse and interpret all kinds of Films, DVD’s and Videos. It can also be used on short films such as Music Videos or Film Clips. It is a variation of the approaches taken in two other useful worksheets found on this site, Art Analysis Worksheet No. 1 and Art Analysis Worksheet No. 2.



You can include more spaces for your writing if you need to. The worksheet could be located in your Workbook or Visual Diary.



What can you see in the Film/DVD/Video?

(Make a list of all of the objects people, animals, settings, buildings etc)





How was the Film/DVD/Video made?

For example, Film? Video? Animation? Long distance and close up shots? Slow motion? Different camera locations? Lighting effects.





How was the Film/DVE/Video composed?

For example, editing, addition of music or sound?

Does it remind you other films/videos you’ve seen? How?





What does the Film/DVD/Vidoe mean?

Is there a story?

Are there meanings and/or messages expressed?

What was the intention of making it?





What do you think of the Film/DVD/Video?

Is it good or not so good? Why?

Do you like it? Why?

What do other people think of it?

– How is it similar or different to other Films/DVD’s or Videos?











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