Fauvist Portraits Years 4 and 5

These portraits made in a Fauvist style were undertaken by students of Petra Glaser



Year 4 and 5 students created artworks that communicated ideas and concepts made from observations of Henri Matisse’s work and the Fauvist period of art.  They observed and commented on his use of green on the painting of Madame Matisse and other use of vivid colours within the composition.  They also learned that the term Fauve is French for ‘Wild Beasts’.  This knowledge and influence became evident in their art work and informed their own art-making.  The students were photographed and an A4 black and white photocopy made.  Using these photographs as the stimulus, the students created a self-portrait drawn with contour lines on white A3 cartridge paper.  These drawings were then photocopied onto black cover paper – and yes, you can definitely see the lines on the black paper! These black photocopied lines were trailed with PVA glue which, when dried and became transparent, provided the black contours in the finished portraits.  The children learned blending skills with dry pastels, using warm and cool colour schemes whilst considering tones from their black and white photograph.  The resolved works present as striking masterpieces from these young artists!

Teacher:  Petra Glaser


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