Fairy Dells

This file was created by Max Darby in March, 2012



These places are where I believe Fairies live, play, dance or picnic.


While I’ve been unable to photograph any because I think they’re rather timid and shy, you can feel their presence and just know they’ve been there recently.


If you know of any other places where Fairies get together, can you take a photographs and send it to me? Email:

You might even be lucky enough to capture one in your photographs.



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3 Responses to “Fairy Dells”

  1. Sue Maygar says:

    There is also the fairy tree in the gardens next to the Treasury Gardens. Its not as beautiful as it use to be though it is years since I last visited

  2. max says:

    Thanks, and so too are the Botanical Gardens. I’m going Fairy looking’ there soon. Max

  3. Sue Maygar says:

    The Treasury Gardens are another beautiful park for Fairies.

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