Environmentally Friendly Art Rooms

This file provides a checklist of things that  make Art Departments environmentally friendly.

It was prepared by Max Darby in November 2009.

Art Departments are major users of materials and resources in schools. While that is understandable and acceptable due to the educational expectations and outcomes of art-related activities, waste and misuse should never be tolerated.

Current issues related to ‘climate change’, diminishing resources and atmospheric pollution impact heavily on everyone. Art Departments have an obligation to consider these issues and wherever possible to contribute to the well-being the world environment. While this is considered essential for future generations it also is essential for the well-being of today’s generation and for worldwide sustainability.

It would be useful to cross-reference this file with others on this website such as World Heritage Criteria; Protecting the Environment; Safety Inspection Checklist, and Art Department Checklist.

Please add any points you think should be included in the response box at the bottom of the page.

Checklist of ideas

*  Provide separate colored bins for materials that can and cannot be re-cycled.

*   Provide storage for  ‘used paper’ that can be used for trials and experiments.

*  Provide storage for old newspapers to be used for cleaning purposes.

*  Provide separate areas for storing water and oil paint brushes.

*  Clean brushes carefully after each use and use restorer periodically.

*  Ensure rubber gloves are provided to protect hands.

*  Ensure each student knows the correct use of different items of equipment.

*  Provide storage facilities for liquids that are not water based.

*  Never wash oil-based substances down the sinks.

*  Provide alternatives to ‘spirit-based’ cleaning agents (e.g. citrus-based).

*  Use only environmentally safe varnishes and lacquers and provide masks.

*   Turn of all electrical power sources not in immediate use.

*  Turn off lights when the rooms are being vacated, even for a short time.

*  Turn off and remove all electrical appliances when not in use (e.g. hair dryers).

*  Turn off all computers and monitors when not in use (especially overnight).

*  Close off unused rooms when using heating or cooling systems.

*  Discourage students from washing brushes etc under running water.

*    Conserve excess paint on palettes by covering with glad wrap.

*    Monitor the use of resources such as paint ( more is wasted than used).

*    Provide cloths that are absorbent for clean-up. Replace regularly. .

*    Ensure all students and you wear protective covering over their clothing.

*    Provide moisturising cream for students’ hands and encourage use.

*    Use re-cycled paper if paper-towelling is required.

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