The following works were created by collaging various flat surfaces onto a larger format, usually very think paper or cardboard.

If you have examples of student works that have been made using collages (any age level), and would like them exhibited on this site, please contact me using the details found under the Main Menu heading Contact Max

The images may take a minute to download. Click onto the arrows to left and right of the main photos to progress or return through the works.

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  2. max says:

    It looks like you have lots more ideas that were left off….let me have more and I might be able to include your ideas in a separate file.

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  4. max says:

    Wanganui Park Secondary College also has a great Art Department. Have a look at the Middle School and Senior School Photography on this website, the Glass and Ceramic works, and the Year 9, 9″ X 5″ paintings included. Max Darby

  5. …Wanganui Park Secondary College is a Government school with over 1200 students from years 7 to 12. The school is mostly known for its innovative curriculum with the most notable feature being its Vertical Modular Grouping VMG system and also offers 2 other levels – Year 7 and VCE…… The year 12 students do not have a uniform meaning that they wear what ever they want with some obvious restrictions .

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