Clodagh Holahan: Winter Photography.

The following photographs were taken by good friend Clodagh Holahan on her way to school in Freising, Germany.


The photographs here of the beauty and sensitivity of the colours, moods and differing atmospheres of nature in Winter show many variations on set themes and ideas. The photographs don’t just work alone but also in association with each other.


There are so many lovely photographs in this collection that some will be included in another file.



Photographs such as these deserve to be appreciated just for their sensitive interpretation of a Winter Wonderland. Of equal importance is the realisation that interesting views and beauty can be found in places we so often just pass by or through. Clodagh goes nowhere without her camera (as can be seen on other files on this website).


Click to the left or right of the main images to progress or return through the collection.


The images may take a minute to download.


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  1. Trevor says:

    Dear Clodagh,
    Somehow I got facebook email from my old school tonight and after searching for people from my class then later tried to find you on facebook. x

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