China Theme Mural: Auburn Primary School

China Theme Mural

The mural was made by students of Auburn Primary School with artist Max Darby in September, 2017


The theme of this mural was China as the school teaches Mandarin to its students. The project was determined as a ‘Transition’ Year 4 and Year 5 project. All students from those 2 levels were given the opportunity to be involved. Most were able to take it.


Wherever possible, students did all of the painting. This can be best observed, for example, with the pandas and the  many birds in the cherry bushes. There are about 60 birds, taken from examples that students found online on their i-pads. The panda paintings were based on each student sketching their own from a panda soft toy, which was posed in different positions by different students. It was undertaken as students would approach life drawing from a model. The bamboo was also painted totally by students. 


The other various objects were also painted by students although it was difficult for them to paint straight lines well on a vertical surface as it was textured and bricks didn’t’ quite line up. Help was required on the edges, for example, of the kites with faces taken from Beijing Opera Masks. 


There is now a replica of a 2 metre Terracotta Warrior standing to the left of the foot bridge. A photo of this is to be included. Further landscaping will occur to the extreme right of the main, overall photograph. Students may get the chance later this year to paint tall totems in that space. 


There are other works in this progressive school that enhance the environment of students at play. These can be found under Artist in Residences, located in the side margin of this website.



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