Ceramic Tile Pathway.

This file was prepared by Max Darby in March, 2011.

The Ceramic Tile Pathway can be found in the Sporting Reserve at the top end of the main street (Aitken Street) in Barwon Heads, Victoria.

The tiles were made using four basic techniques – adding small clay shapes on top of a green (unfired) ceramic tile; pressing twigs and leaves into the tiles to register a motif; scratching and carving a motif into the tiles, or by hand painting the motifs using glazes. Each tile is 10cm square.

This activity would be suitable for students at all levels but would be particularly suitable to a middle school class.

Once the images have downloaded you can progress or return through them by clicking onto the arrows to the left and right of the main images. If you hover your cursor above the centre of the main image a bulb icon will appear that allows you to enlarge each image.

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