CD Wall Mural: ISN

These photographs were taken by Max Darby in December 2014


The CD wall mural in this gallery was created in 2014 by a small number of selected Years 7, 8 and 9 students at International School Nadi. It is a similar project to other CD murals located on this site.



This mural was quite challenging because it needed to be designed to fit a long thin format . Photographs in the gallery can only show about 1/3 of the mural in any single frame. The mural was created during in an after-school art club activity and took about 9 months to complete (working just an hour a week after school).



Special thanks to Carey,  Jessica T, Jessica R, Eden, Risahwani  and Atlanta.




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2 Responses to “CD Wall Mural ISN”

  1. Susan maygar says:

    Wonderful sense of design displayed and some very sophisticated colour mixing. Love what you have achieved

  2. max says:

    I’m so proud of these kids who undertook a really challenging protect and stuck it through to the end.

    Max Darby

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