CD Wall Mural: Holy Family Primary School

These photographs were taken by Max Darby in August 2013




This very large wall mural was made mainly from recycled CDs (and a few vinyl records) and was created by the primary students of Holy Family Primary School in North Geelong under the guidance of art teacher Ingrid Reed and Artist in Residence Dr. Max Darby. The idea centered on the topic of  ‘Creating new from old’. It is closely related to ideas of recycling, conservation and sustainability.


 The photographs show the completed mural a well as those of the work in production in the art room. The mural can be seen from the outside road, Separation Street, Geelong North.


The CDs were painted with Vipond paints which are light-fast and waterproof. This was necessary because the mural is located outside and not under cover, and will be exposed to rain and strong, hot sunlight. 1500 CDs were been painted by all students Prep –  Year 6 for this project.


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5 Responses to “CD Wall Mural: Holy Family Primary School”

  1. WOW, extraordinary work. It is great to see such things. Congrats to all concerned.

  2. Claudia Amaya says:

    Wow Max, this is great! What a wonderful project! I guess kids enjoyed it a lot. Congratulations!

    Thanks, they all loved doing it…and the whole school community loves it too. I think I’ll need to come back to Colombia to do one there in your school! Cheers Max

  3. Ingrid Reed says:

    It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you on this project Max. The whole school community has enjoyed the whole process and all our hard work together has paid off. The children and teachers have enjoyed working with you and it has been a truly memorable experience. It looks amazing !!!Your expertise and incredible generosity of time and patience is very much appreciated especially by me.

    I had a wonderful time working with everyone in the school…and especially you. Cheers Max

  4. Margot Anwar says:

    Congratulations to you and the students Max….this is a wonderful project. It looks stunning and I imagine it is strategically located to maximize visual impact in the school environment…….well done!

    It does look stunning Margot and like most art even better in real life. It’s much bigger than it looks here. The mural is located where the students and parents walk into the school each day and can easily be seen driving or walking in the main street and from the front entrance to the church next door. I feel great about it and exhausted. Cheers Max

  5. Sarah says:

    What a marvelous project! I’d be interested to see how it holds up after years. It evokes aboriginal art, child art, and what a great use of c.d.s!

    Thanks for your comment Sarah. I agree on all points. The paint is waterproof and lightfast, so it should last. And,a marvelous project for me too. Max

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