CD Sustainability Mural: New Gisborne P.S.

These photographs were provided by Sharon Cairney in June 2013


Further examples of student CD designs used for this mural can be located on this website.


New Gisborne Primary School Art Teacher Sharon Cairney said “We have been celebrating the school’s 150th birthday, so the mural was intended to be complete by our big open day and ‘Step Back In Time’ celebration. The children undercoated their discs with gesso and spent the rest of their session designing 2 plans in their visual diary. One design was for the overall mural design and one for their individual disc. The mural had to have a ‘Sustainability’ theme as were are a Sustainable School and the mural is to be used as a backdrop for our sustainability garden. The design stage was a two week process, then the children did an anonymous vote to select their preferred mural design. The end result was a combination of the top 3 or 4 most popular designs. The children divided themselves up into 4 equal groups and focused on a colour scheme each e.g. reds & pinks, blues & purples, yellows & oranges etc. They were responsible for creating their own colour palette using primary colours and white only, so there was a fair bit of discussion and experimentation with shades and colour mixing”.


Sharon says the children have loved the entire process and it was a huge success. The discs are all complete now, but waiting for better weather to be attached to the wall. Some photographs of the finished work will be included soon.



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3 Responses to “CD Sustainability Mural: New Gisborne P.S.”

  1. Sue Frame says:

    Hi Max,

    What a wonderful inspiration for others. I can’t wait for the ferns to grow in front of it to add to the beauty.
    Sue Frame

    Hi Sue. Yes, it’s wonderful. Best wishes Max

  2. max says:

    Isn’t it wonderful Ray? And really such a good way to reinforce the need for sustainability, recycling and caring for the environment. I’m sure you’ve let Sharon and the students know already. She’s done a great job. Best wishes Max Darby

  3. Ray Bell says:


    The mural brightens up the entire school and is now the focal point for everyone visiting.
    What a fantastic achievement by the students at NGPS you should be proud of your efforts and a huge congrats to Mrs C and the grade 5/6 students for completing the mural in time for our 150th Celebrations.

    Ray Bell

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