CD Mural: Northside Christian College

This mural was created at Northside Christian College in 2016 and photographed by Max Darby

The students of Northside Christian College (and interested parents and teachers) created the beautiful, colourful designs that were hand-painted onto re-cycled and re-used Compact Discs (CDs). The school project was intended to improve the aesthetic environment of the playground, to make a positive contribution to the physical environment and to acknowledge the Christian values of the school. While ensuring that Aboriginal works were not copied the opportunity to relate individual designs to what Indigenous artists create was taken.

Since the mural is located outdoors, the paint used was Vipond which is waterproof and light-fast. The designs were painted using cotton buds and round acrylic filters rather than paint brushes, These were discarded after each lesson making brush washing unnecessary. 

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