CD Mural: Ceduna Area School

This wall mural was produced by students of Frew-Anne Halbert during 2012.


Students from Years 6 – 9 of Ceduna Area School in South Australia created the designs on the discs and then a group of Year 10 girls installed the discs onto the wall.


Teacher Frew-Anne Halbert said the theme was random, and students could do what they liked within their prescribed colour range. Many of the boys chose to play with the air brush (ink over the gesso background). All of the results were very successful and enthusiasm levels were high!  Word has already spread among other teachers as many have been  “popping in” to have a look which is great!


The wall mural certainly makes the area interesting and colourful.


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  1. max says:

    This is a wonderful activity that was extremely worthwhile and challenging for all students engaged in it. It also is a wonderful variation to other works made using re-cycled CDs ( see for example, look at the files on Reservoir West Primary School and Greensborough Primary School, also located on this website. Dr Max Darby

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