CD Mural: Ainslie Parklands Primary School

CD Mural: Ainslie Parklands P.S.

These photographs were taken by Max Darby in June, 2017


This mural, undertaken by the students of Ainslie Parklands Primary School,  was based on the theme of Cherry Blossoms. Students,  some parents and staff were encouraged to paint unwanted CDs in various shades of pinks, burgundy, maroon and with hints of blue. This can be seen in the completed mural and in the detailed photographs.


The project centered around a Recycling/Sustainability/Care for the Environment theme. A call was made to the school community to donate unwanted CDs to the art department. Discs were painted in flat background colours and individual designs and patterns were created by those taking part. Instead of paint brushes cotton buds were used to make dots and lines. Vipond pants were used as these are waterproof and light fast.  The design patterns were painted using cotton buds rather than paint brushes as these could be discarded at the end of a session.


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